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Welcome to JCAMS

Our mission is to fix software train wrecks -- or help you avoid them in the first place! 

   Business Owners and Managers:
  • Are your database applications meeting their business objectives?
  • Does it seem like a database project is taking way too long to complete?
  • Does your programmer seem distracted -- or worse yet, has he disappeared?

  Technical Managers:
  • Has your staff hit a roadblock?
  • Are you understaffed?
  • Do you need an outside audit of the work that has been completed?

 Contract Managers:
  • Do you need a specialized skill to complete some component of your project?
  • Are you temporarily short handed?
  • Do you need an independent review of the work already completed?
If you fit into any of these catagories, we are here to help you!
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We fix software train wrecks