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Microsoft Visual FoxPro Development and Support


 Project Examples  Tech Talk
  • Developed and maintain system for custom stair and rail manufacturer. Functions include quote preparation, ordering, production scheduling, shipment tracking including tracking of deliveries scanned by drivers, invoicing and interfacing with Great Plains accounting database. Originally developed in FoxPro DOS and later migrated to Windows and finally to Visual FoxPro.
  • Developed and maintain system for tracking donors to a charitable organization. Functions include data entry, query, telemarketing file selection and results tracking, list rentals, interface to mainframe database processes. Originally developed in FoxPro DOS and later rewritten in Visual FoxPro.
  • Developed and maintain system for tracking proposals activity.
  • Developed and maintain system for tracking orders and invoices for a large printer.  Functions include invoicing and reporting.  Originally developed in FoxPro DOS, rewritten in Visual FoxPro and then modified to maintain data at a web site using MySQL.
  • Support application for creating reports from a Timberline Accounting system.
  • Data maintained in web-based MySQL
  • Email notifications
  • Web application interaction: email domain verification, bank routing verification, credit card and ACH processing
  • Import/Export Microsoft Excel and other data formats -- user interface to definie file layouts
  • Complex data queries
  • ODBC connections
  • Multi-user including remote users
  • Versions 7.0, 9.0


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